The interest to innovate

Although we all have different tastes on a topic, I don’t get on with the virtual lessons, but the creativity and the innovation that this subject has fascinate me.

Lately English classes are innovating more than the rest for many reasons. I could say that it is one of the few subjects that, in addition to teaching the corresponding contents, it also points to other topics, such as the problem of education. They are also paying attention to the interests of students and carry out projects based on them. One example of this is the Ted Talk by Gonzalo Frasca, which makes it clear that today’s education is outdated.

Another important idea is that this subject, although it has a traditional education and follows the corresponding syllabus, they give an activity to their student that is based on finding information about another kind of school and, thanks to this, we were able to meet other types of pedagogies, like the Waldorf pedagogy and the Montessori Method.

From my own experience, I assure you that this way of teaching is working, since it deals with interesting topics that catches your attention and makes you think about it, which makes everything easier when you are doing the activity.

To sum up, I agree with this way of teaching and with what they come up with such as innovative ideas. I think they will continue with this, because it arouses the interest of the students and, therefore, teaching would be on the right track.

Escrito por Agustín Jeréz, 6to Comunicación