Teenagers don’t like school

Let’s start with the main reason why teenagers don’t like school, it makes us sick. The amount of pressure that everyone is putting on us is not healthy. We should be able to decide some things about our own education. 

We feel stressed all the time, we cry, we get desperate and we definitely prefer video games. As Gonzalo Frasca said, they let us make some wrong decisions and start again without feeling bad, and also we want to try again so that we can pass the level or whatever. The game doesn’t care about how we look, the game doesn’t blame us. 

Despite all of the bad things we feel, we also feel the improvement when we can do an exercise. We know that teachers try their best effort to make this a great experience for us. School sometimes seems rough but that’s how growing up its like. 

I would like to feel confident and feel like I actually have a future. But we live here, were the capitalism decides if you are good enough or not. We are genuinely grateful to our teachers, because a big amount of them actually think that we are people too and that we are looking for a future. But this generation wants to change the world in another way. We want justice and respect; we are going to change the things. So school and adults, stop thinking we are less, because we count, we are enough and we want the same respect as you.

Escrito por Lucía Pinkus, 4to Comunicación

Ilustrado por Valentina Giuliano, 4to Ciencias Naturales