Education: Technology or tradition?

Lots of people are talking about education these days. Lots of them say that we need to return to normal classes as soon as possible, but other people say that we don’t need face-to-face classes. So there are arguments for and against the idea. What do you think about that? Do you agree with technology people or traditional people?

On the one hand, the first video, Gonzalo Frasca talks about kids’ not really needing teachers to learn, the man said that it is better to learn by playing because you can make as many mistakes as you want and try again. Also, the games teach new things in the moment we need to know them, not before. 


On the other hand, in the second video, we can see that the woman said that kids need the teacher to be accompanied and to have someone to talk to if they have any doubts. She said that it is easier to get across if you have someone that is explaining to you than if you are alone at home only with the computer.

I agree with both ideas, I think that technology and games are very useful for learning but we need teachers. However, professors are very important for teaching us how to behave in different situations and help us to have our own thoughts and opinions.

To sum up, my conclusion is that in five years schools will have incorporated a lot of technology but will never leave the traditional classes.


Escrito por Candela Álvarez, 4to Ciencias Naturales