If we stay in the past, we are not going to progress

Some people think that the way how schools teach classes is right, the classic style. But there are people who think differently. They believe that the new ways to learn are better, and we should follow it in order to get a better education. 

On the one hand, Gonzalo Frasca said that video games teach better than school. In the video, he explained that teachers teach us things that we are not going to use at any time in our lives, they are used to giving an exam every two weeks and we only study to pass, not because we want to learn, and without intrinsic motivation. And then we forget what we have learned by heart. Finally, Gonzalo said that the best way to learn is playing. So maybe school is killing creativity, and it’s making the old educational system not help young people to develop in real life with all the challenges and changes we have to face every day .


On the other hand, Mariana Maggio told us that we have to value school, and she thinks that innovation comes from a more social than technological perspective. And she believes that a little part of the teachers are helping to innovate.

In conclusion, they have two opposite ways to see the teaching method: Gonzalo believes in modern technology, and a new system to educate. But Mariana has the idea that technology sometimes is not good enough. In my opinion I agree with Gonzalo  who says that the best way of learning is by playing, having a good time, and adapting the old school to the new world. If we stay in the past we are not going to progress.


Escrito por Zoe Marino, 4to Ciencias Naturales