Try new ways, combine old school with a more contemporary school

Almost every teenager has complained about school by now. Maybe because they think they are not learning as they should, or because it is too much, or another kind of things that they think need to change right now. As a teenager myself, I think some of the statements are true, school needs to change some things.

“You’re just lazy!” we hear that constantly, but, is it really our fault? We are always told that we are different, we have different ways of thinking, we act differently and we express ourselves differently, so shouldn’t we learn differently? The school system we have right now doesn’t work for every single student, but adults keep saying it’s our fault because we don’t try hard enough but has society ever tried to change the way they teach us instead of just blaming us? Well, until now I don’t think so.

One reason for this is that people never thought about the possibility of adding technologies to the way we learn, but due to the circumstances we are going through right now they don’t have other choice but to find alternative ideas of teaching in a long distance way, and the most comfortable approach is with technology. By saying this, I don’t mean that we should get rid of our books and give into a new system right away. I’m trying to say that we should try new ways and combine old school with a more contemporary school. 

Moreover, in Gonzalo Frasca’s Ted Talk “Los videojuegos enseñan mejor que la escuela”, he says that school isn’t designed for people with the knowledge we have now, in my opinion, I think he is right, but until a certain point. He establishes that all video games teach, and they do it better than school, is that really true? I think only video games that present a challenge that is not too easy or too difficult, the ones that show everyone that it is possible to find a way to pass the level, and don’t make you feel inferior for not knowing how to solve it in that exact moment, the ones that make learning fun, the ones that give you opportunities to learn. And that’s how school should work, if you don’t understand something that doesn’t make you less intelligent, if a subject is really hard for you, it is OK, school should be a healthy way of teaching and learning.

In conclusion, I think that the world is evolving everyday a bit more, and school should keep up with it, I’m not saying that schools have to totally change the way the work, just include different ways of teaching and learning, so teenagers can develop in a way that they think it’s more comfortable and more practical to them.

Escrito por Marina Kowalczyk, 5to Ciencias Naturales