The students as the main focus

We are in a pandemic situation, which has forced schools to implement new forms of teaching, such as virtual classes, homework via the internet, etc. But are these methods really effective for students to learn?

First of all a big disadvantage of “Home-schooling” is that it fails to be equal, because not all people, both students and teachers, have access to technology, such as computers, internet, Wi-Fi which are essential to continue as similar as possible to what was being done in the presence schools.

Despite this, and from my own experience, it would be better if in all the subjects the projects that are carried out would be previously consulted to the students, from the topic to be studied in depth, to the way they must do them, whether in the form of a presentation, watching movies and videos, and also games.

To sum up, this will generate more intrigue in them so they can do it more as an experience and not as a formal task. It will be a way of helping them to live this situation that we are suffering as a society. 

Escrito por Renata Espósito, 6to Comunicación