[Playlist] Solidarity

Students from Pre First Certificate debated and worked on some ideas that are connected to Solidarity. Also, they found songs that are related to Happiness, Solidarity, Being Supportive and Positive vibes, and created playlists by using YouTube and Spotify.



You’ve got a friend in me by Randy Newman

We chose this song because it is a song from our childhood. It has great lyrics. You can also dedicate this song to a friend to let her/him know that you’re going to support him/her.


Stand by me by Ben E. King

We chose this song because it talks about supporting the other person, and to be there for him/her at any time, any place, no matter what, so that person can trust you.


I’ll be there for you by Andrew Gold

We chose this song because it talks about friendship. It is also related to the TV show called “Friends”. Clearly, the song is about a person who will be there for you, because that is what friends are for.


You’re my best friend by Queen

We chose this song because it has very deep lyrics. It talks about what a good friend someone can be. John Deacon, Queen’s bass player wrote this song and Freddie inspired it.


Umbrella by Ember Island

We chose this song because it speaks, metaphorically, about friendship by using an umbrella. It says “when the sun shines, we shine together, told you I’ll always be here forever, said ill always be your friend”.

Written by Agustina, Delfina, Luna, Lara

Pre First Certificate



Where is the love? by Black Eyed Peas

We chose Where is the love? because it talks about people who are not good to each other and they want to end that by posting supportive photos.


Solidarity forever by Pete Seeger

We chose this song because it talks about how people are supportive by uniting themselves. It’s a song that will encourage everyone to help others.


Solidarity by Angelic upstarts

We chose this song because it talks about the war and how people can be supportive in bad times. This song is great for those who are being treated badly.


Solidarity by Black Uhuru

We chose this song because it talks about people who help others that are being insulted because of their skin color.

Written by Valentín, Felipe

Pre First Certificate


Happy by Pharell Wiliams

We chose that song because the lyrics say “because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without the roof”. It gives you a happy vibe and the song is about happiness.


Don’t stop me now by Queen

It talks about how being in your best moments and doing what you love make you really happy, and being with the people that loves you and you love back can change your life.


Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake

It talks about how happiness changes your life and makes every day different day in a good way. It also speaks about how happiness encourages you to do new things.


Bastará by Los cafres

It speaks about how loving someone generates a lot of happiness, makes you want to see a person all the time and makes you wish the best for him/her.


Don’t worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin

It is about life not being perfect and people having a lot of problems, but it is important how they solve and face them.

Written by Valentina, Juan Ignacio, Lucía

Pre First Certificate



Paradise by Coldplay

We chose this song because it talks about being free and happy. Plus, the world is not always what you expect. It also talks about what you can achieve if you believe in yourself.


Life is fun by TheOdd1sOut

We chose this song because it talks about the good things in life and that if you have a problem you have to solve it with positive thoughts and attitude.


Positive vibrations by Bob Marley

We chose this song because it’s about being happy. No matter what happens, you have to be positive because being positive is the key to happiness.


The other side by The Greatest Showman

We chose this song because it talks about how you are the only one that can choose what to do and what you enjoy.


I’m yours by Jason Mraz

We chose this song because it talks about accomplishing your objectives with so much determination that no one can stop you, and you know it well.

Written by Ramiro and Matías

Pre First Certificate