What does friendship mean?

According to Oxford’s dictionary, friendship means the emotion or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.  A relationship between friends.

But when we asked pre first certificate students what they thought, they told us that in their opinion friendship is trusting each other, being honest, loyal, having fun together and going trough problems together.  Anyways, you’ll receive a different answer every time you ask a person, because friendship means a different thing to everyone.

In our opinion, it is having someone you can trust and share your life with, no matter what. Just imagine not having anyone to talk to. Life would be a lot harder than it already is. “It’s a feeling, something important. Someone to trust, and have someone there for you”, Valentin Cabanay (13) expressed.

Not surprisingly, friendship is way too difficult to describe, but there will certainly be things that will pop into your brain when you ask yourself to describe it such as sharing everything, caring about each other, love and keeping in touch, no matter what. We believe that a friend is someone you can be yourself with knowing that you won’t be judged.

Celebrities have friends too, how would they survive if they didn’t? As we said, no one can live without them, click on the pictures and find out what happened to each friendship:

So…what does it means to you?


Written by Martina Monti, Lara Ferrando and Valentino Rienti (Pre First Certificate Students)