The Truman Show syndrome

People who suffer this syndrome think that they are characters in the movie The Truman Show by Jim Carrey (1998), about a reality show.

The doctor Joel Gold, teacher in the medicine school, at University of New York, said to BBC World that every patient identified with that syndrome, in the hospital Bellevue, where he works at, describes the feelings as if they are in a movie.

“They believe that they are being watched and they have to escape from the reality where they are”, explains the doctor.

Acording to Wikipedia:

The syndrome of Truman is a type of syndrome that makes people who have it believe that they are in a reality show.

Acording to Hypertextual:

The patients who saw Gold believe he was the man who destroyed the towers in 11st of September. “I traveled to the Statue of Liberty to meet my school girlfriend to get free from the reality show”, said a patient who visited Dr.Gold.

Written by Matías Rey Frega and Malena Telias, Pre First Certificate.