The three stooges

Do you know what friendship is? These tree guys surely know what friendship means: Moe, Curly and Larry from The Three Stooges. They met each other in the famous comedy series in the 50’s: The Three Stooges. The show was focused on the stupid things that these three characters did. Most of them were about finding a job and becoming rich or making a woman fall in love with them. They obviously failed in every attempt (that was the funny thing about the series and that is why it became famous).

In the series, Moe was the boss (the rude guy) and the brain. He always punched the others when they did stupid things or something wrong. Larry was the one in the middle. He used to make stupid things but he tried to do his best. Curly was the most stupid brother. He was also the funniest and the one that always ruined all their plans, and sometimes, in some episodes, a character called Shemp replaced him. It had a different face but it was really funny.

When the Second World War arrived, The Three Stooges made some short films making fun of Nazis like You Nazi Spy (1940), I’ll Never Hail Again (1941) and They Stooge to Conga (1943). When the war finished, Curly was diagnosed with hypertension, which caused a concussion when they were filming Half-witz holiday. They sadly ended The Three Stooges in the 70’s and all the members passed away (Moe at the age of 75, Larry 72 and Curly 48).

They made us laugh, we will always remember that. There are still people that watch them in action. They were great actors. They have dreamed to become actors and work together, and they made their dream true.


Written by Santino Carelle and Valentin Cabanay.