Neymar, Messi and Suarez

They met each other, in 2014, when Luis Suarez joined Barcelona. At the beginning, they didn’t get along but they became best friends because they scored a lot of goals playing together in the Barcelona’s forward team.

“We are doing history, we know that and we are getting better. We want to be there be happy, not always the best. We want to be happy on the field, during trainings, and being with them is a pleasure”, Neymar said.

Messi explained that Neymar is always happy, he lives happy and he isn’t cruel. He is an incredible person. “It is embarrassing when Neymar tells me that he is my fan”, the best football player expressed.

“Today we have a good relationship, inside and outside the field. Obviously, if you don’t get along, it is hard get on well on the pitch, it is something that we are doing well”, Suarez announced.

All the relationship changed when an offer appeared from the French club Paris Saint-Germain. They were looking for Neymar. The French club could pay 220 millions. Suarez and Messi couldn’t convice him to stay.


Written by Joaquín Dublo.