My choices

In the first section, I talk about the problems with the schools because children don’t like school. I put some ideas that could work to make school a better place. To start with, the professors needs to accept that kids need to use technology to make the process of studying easier. They need to pay attention to the problems between students and the most important thing is to give them more time to rest.

In the second section I talk about a movie called Logan, which was the best action movie in 2017. It generateds a lot of feelings and emotions and it was starred by the best actor Hugh Jackman.

In the third section I talk about my best music band Panic at the Disco. He is well known and very famous. His music is very good. The best songs are Death of Bachelor and This is Gospel.

In the last section I talk about Fortnite. It was made eight years ago and it became popular last year. Also, it’s one of the most well known games to play and the most important thing is that it is free.

*Correction: System.

Written by Santino Carelle, Pre First Certificate