Messi and Mascherano

Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano have been friends since they started practicing football for the 2006 world`s cup. In the football matches they shared their first celebrations. In the «Copa America», they lost and the team was insulted by its own country.

Then, in the 2014s world cup, they performed very well, but in the final match, Mario Gotze turned hapinnes into sadness for everyone. That was the moment when Messi broke down. Mascherano, of course, was there for him. That’s what true friendship is.

Later, Alejandro Sabella, the coach of the National Team, gave up and Gerardo Martino took his place for the 2015 «Copa America». The team reached the final and they lost for the second time against Chile. Messi was insulted by most people in Argentina, and instead of giving up, he kept on playing. The population of Argentina started saying that the new generation was better than the “group of Messi’s friends”.

Then, in the Olimpic Games, the “new generation” showed they were not a good option for Argentina’s team by losing against Honduras. There  was another lost for Argentina when Chile beat them for the second time. Now, Messi and Mascherano are the “oldies”, and the best player in the world said he was not going to play for Argentina anymore.

Argentina requested Messi to come back and he changed his mind. Now, the National Team is training for the 2018 World Cup. In the last match, Argentina showed how much they needed Messi, and at the moment, it’s all up to him and the “new generation”. This is the last chance for Messi to get  the World Cup.


Written by Paloma Laise, Josefina Segira Funes and Martin Cornor.