Ian and Paul

Ian Somerhadler and Paul Wesley first met in 2009, at the set of The vampires diaries, a famous series which has 8 seasons and ended one year ago.

Their friendship is known as a #Bromance a very popular term formed by the words brother and romance, which defines the relationship beyond friendship, without romantic sense between two men-, because both main characters  form an inseparable duo, both on TV and outside of it.

In february of 2018, they had a reunion that made their fans crazy. They posted a lot of photos in their social media.

They didn’t just become an amazing duo, they became brothers. They also made a lot of friends in the cast, and Ian even  had a romance with one of the girls of the set, Nina Dobrev. Their relationship didn’t last a lot, but it became super viral.

The actors were part of a debate about the series, they signed autographs and took photos with the fans. That moment was an iconic moment of these guys. Obviously, these two friends are loved and supported by their fans, they have an amazing friendship.



Written by Lara Di Benedetto and Valentina Giuliano