Bad Blood Bad Liar

In 2008, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez met, because they were friends with the Jonas Brothers. But are they really friend now? In april of 2015, Taylor published a new song attacking Selena and since that moment they became enemies. What do you think about this friendship?

Gomez was Nick Jonas’ girlfriend and Swift was the girlfriend of Joe Jonas. That is why they became best friends, they even wanted to make a duet. I think that their friendship was beautiful, until Tylor Swift launched the song “Bad Blood”.

Two years ago, Swift uploaded a video of her cats. In this video, we could see that she had a picture where selena and her were together. This made the #Tylena fans doubt about their relationship. Was Swift only preserving a funny memory? Or was it an evidence of their reconciliation?

In June of 2017, Selena released a new song called Bad Liar with a videoclip. This caused stir between fans, because in the video, in Selena’s bedroom, we could see posters of these famous singers. What do you think about this? Did they reconciled or not?

Written by Malena Telias, Matias Rey Frega  and Valentina Luchetta.