All my favorites

These images represent me with the following sections: Food, Favourite Singer, Favourite Series and my Favourite Places in the World.

The best section of this four is Favourite Singer because I love ARIANA GRANDE with all my heart. She is my idol, my crush, she is the best. I love the way she sings and the way she dresses, dances and is.

The following section is Food. I have the FATTEST MENTALITY IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I LOVEE ALLL types of food. Everything from hot to cold, but what I like the most are hamburgers. My favourite restaurant is Hooters, because there I can eat a lot of them!!!

The third part is Series. I love them soo much. I prefer watching series than movies. My favourite series of all I’ve seen is Riverdale. I don’t know what I really really like about it, but it is as if it called me!!

The last part of my collage are places where I’ve been to or where I would like to go. I went to Disneyland and the Caribbean, but there are so many places that I don’t know like Venice, Paris or Australia. When I grow up I will travel there, I hope!!

Written by Valentino Rienti, Pre First Certificate